february’s rough beginning

February is off to a shaky start so far. It hasn’t been awful – and most importantly, I haven’t given up – but it’s been rough.

On the very first day of February, I spent an unexpected day at the ER with one of my nieces. (After a lot of stress, several doctor appointments, a lot of very nice medical professionals and one very rude one, I can say she’ll be just fine.) Somehow I made it out of the door early that morning with crayons and coloring books to keep the munchkin (and myself) entertained, but I didn’t pack a lunch. I even remembered my phone charger, which never happens, but no snacks. Between being released from the ER and a medical appointment, we went out to eat … and I let my brother-in-law pay. I feel a little guilty about that. (Thanks, Travis!)

This whole mooching thing isn’t really what I wanted to learn from my Spending Freeze and actually really bothers me, but I’ll deal with that in a later post.

After lunch we still had a little time to spare, so we went to the mall. Listen, it was conveniently located and the temperature outside was 19ºF. I figured I could window shop and keep my bank account unadulterated. As soon as we walked in, my niece steered our course to the counter at the Great American Cookie Company, and then looked up at me with her big blue eyes.

I sternly explained my Spending Freeze and told her no.



So I lied. Did I mention she spent the morning in the ER and has gigantic blue eyes? Or that she’s seven and thinks money grows on trees? I let her pick one out, and she chose the largest one she could see.


I don’t feel bad about it. Maybe a little, but only because I feel like I should feel bad. Not because I do.

The very next day at job #2, I was offered three extra hours. I took it to make up for the whole cookie buying situation, but I was worried about lunch – I hadn’t brought anything to eat and now wouldn’t be going home till well past normal feeding time. Logan happened to also be working that day and generously bought me something to eat. (He bought a can of soup and spent a dollar and some change – he would’ve happily splurged on something else, but again, I hate mooching, so that’s what I picked.)

And yes, I could have theoretically bought it myself and counted it as “groceries” I guess, but I would have chosen to go hungry just to stick to my plan. I’m stubborn like that. Blame my father. No really, it’s his fault I do this. Hopefully though, I’ve learned my lesson… and will just start carrying extra food with me everywhere. Which I really ought to do anyway for emergency situations like when my lunch is gross.

So if you see a girl with a stockpile of soup and crackers and peanut butter in her trunk, it’s probably me.


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