Monthly Archives: May 2013

April recap at almost the end of May! Better late than never, right?

April was hard. Some parts of being on month four of the Spending Freeze made it easier. I’m very used to packing my lunch every day and searching my cabinets for food rather than going out – in that way I feel confident. However, not buying clothes in wonderful warm spring time is not easy. My closet is about 75% spring/summer clothing and 25% winter clothing – I don’t like winter clothes, so I own less of them and don’t like shopping for them. Springy clothes are different. They’re fun and pretty and call to me from the racks. Seriously, they yell at me when I walk by. I also own a lot of them and don’t need anymore, regardless of my Spending Freeze. So when Logan and I went shopping because he needed new shorts, I made us walk a weird and long route to the men’s section just to avoid the sundresses. And swim suits. And skirts. And tank tops.

April was also hard in terms of unexpected expenses. I got a speeding ticket ($105). I needed to take a few surprise road trips that ate up a LOT of gas. I put in a deposit on a new place to live (!!!) that took up a sizable chunk of what would have ordinarily gone to savings, and I haven’t yet received my deposit back from my former residence.

What? you say. You moved? YES, WE DID. I am a new resident of Knoxville, and I love it!

And this leads me to the best thing I’ve learned from the Spending Freeze so far: I can live on less. I had been wanting to move for a while, and then I was offered a position that does not pay as much as where I was. While the pay is not appealing, the position is, and I knew I could live on that salary. So I took it. Freedom!

The move took place the first full week of May, so most of the moving expenses are in glaring red pen bleeding all over my May budget. I’m a little nervous about how that is going to turn out. In the meantime though, back to April savings!

Despite the hefty deposit and all that driving to Knoxville and back to figure out work and living arrangements, I managed to save $435! [Insert ca-ching cash register noise here, please.]

The hard part now is resisting going out to all of my favorite Knoxville/Maryville restaurants and bars. Wish me luck on that one. The other hard part is not buying a ton of stuff for our new place. Anybody have some old patio furniture to donate to the good cause of Rebekah-wants-to-sit-outside-on-her-new-porch? :) Sure, it’ll be tough, but I am oh so excited!