Monthly Archives: June 2013

Do you remember how, in February, I liked looking at my bank account and daydreaming about how much money I’d be able to move into savings at the end of the month? Let’s just say that did not happen in May. I avoided looking at my bank account almost the entire month.

May involved renting a U-Haul and paying rent at two places. May had us trying to eat healthy meals in the house when we were simultaneously trying to clear out the refrigerator but didn’t want to eat out… which we failed at once. It also had us trying to make healthy meals after the move when we couldn’t locate the kitchen utensils required to eat said food. We ate out once again.

So I don’t need a drumroll for my May savings. The truth is I saved $0. Or at least, I haven’t moved any money into savings yet, and I’m pretty sure everything there (and a little I haven’t earned yet) will be used for June’s bills.

And I am ok with that.

Why? Because except for those two meals out, and maybe even those, all the money I spent was necessary. We moved. Moves are expensive. I did not have to bust into my savings to do it, and at the very least, I am proud of that.

Now, however, I’m venturing into the realm of needs vs. wants for the new house. Our new house is awesome. We have a front porch, something all people who’ve lived in a one bedroom apartment for two years absolutely crave. I love hanging out there. See?

Why yes, that is me sitting on the porch cappin’ strawberries! Why am I sitting on the ground? Because Logan had our one and only chair to stand on and pick mulberries beside the house. But a little thing like lack of furniture isn’t going to keep me from enjoying the sunshine on my new porch! So… does that make porch furniture a want  versus a need if I don’t require furniture to sit there?

Example: I felt like we needed a coffee table. We eat all our meals in the living room (more on that later), so the coffee table is kind of THE table. However, we didn’t want to pay for one. Right now we’re making do with this:


Why, yes, that is a window pane sitting on two old metal milk crates, thanks for noticing. It works just fine.

Green chair needed a side table where I could sit my Dr.Peppers, so I made up this:


It’s kind of hard to see… but it’s just a pile of books with an old metal card catalog on top. I bet you’re jealous of my decoratin’ skillz.


I could still use a side table for my side of the bed though, and we desperately want/need (which is it?!) a futon for the “office” because we want to be able to semi-comfortably host friends and family. Remember how I said we eat all our meals in the living room? Well, that’s partly because we habitually watch King of the Hill on Netflix while we eat, but it’s also because we don’t own dining room chairs. We have the table though! That has to count for something!

That chair I mentioned earlier is actually the only chair we own, and therefore it gets moved around a lot. I love it. I have an excessive fondness for furniture that once lived in a classroom. So far it’s sat on the front porch, in the back patio-ish area, in the kitchen, and in the dining room, depending on where I feel like sitting. Also, it was free, which gives it an even more special place in my heart.

I have curtains for the bedroom, but I have been putting off buying curtain rods because I keep thinking these would be so much cheaper…


Photo/Idea by AshleyAnn Campbell

Yes, those are tree limbs. Cut, sanded, and spray painted. Frankly, I think it’s genius.

Then one day I got a migraine and needed a blacked out room, so Logan hung up our curtains with thumbtacks. Is it pretty? No. Is it functional? Yes. So I’ve put off buying curtain rods and/or scrounging for sticks in the yard, and I’m still debating between needs and wants for this place.

I’m so determined to save some money in June – pay cut, furniture shopping, moving expenses and all.  So I’m focusing hard on making do with what I have and not buying things unless they are a legitimate need, and I’m trying to make a little extra money. (Need a babysitter? Ask me!) June is going to be a good month!