more adventures

I have some fun little stories for you.

On Valentine’s Day I went to a Maasai wedding for two adventurous Americans. I got to watch the bride have milk spit on her feet and grass tucked into her sandals, and I listened to the debate over how many cows the groom owes her family. (Isn’t that a fun question – how many cows are YOU worth?) Here they are in their wedding attire:


To prepare for the wedding feast, I watched a sheep be slaughtered and helped skin a goat. Seriously. I have evidence, but I don’t want to make anyone vomit, so here is the least gross picture I have of that.


Its only not gross because the critter was still alive. You’re welcome.

Let’s talk about something cute for a second. I entertained this kid with selfies. It was a pretty adorable.


What is not so adorable is learning that kids here, at least the ones in the slums and in the bush, don’t exactly wear diapers. The boy above was soaked all over. I held him for about an hour and just mentally told myself it was water. A cute 4 month old near the Mara peed while sitting on my lap. There is literally baby urine on every pair of pants I brought right now. I’m waiting for a sunny day so I can wash them. You’re jealous, aren’t you? It is what I get for always wanting to hold the munchkins. You would think I would learn my lesson.

See the guy on the far right in the wedding photo? His name is Victor, and he came back from the Maasai Mara to Nairobi with us. Yesterday we went shopping at a fancy mall. It felt like America, and I was a little in awe. So was Victor, but for very different reasons. We went up an escalator, me first and Victor behind. I turned around when I got off the top to see him LEAPING over the last few steps. His eyes were huge, and he asked me if those things ever eat peoples’ legs. After that reaction, I took him in a glass elevator just for fun. He was very brave, but when we got home he told me it was a very long and tiring day full of things that could kill him. It’s pretty ironic since he grew up with lions, leopards, cheetas, buffalo, and black mambas. It’s all about perspective I guess.

I felt a little guilty for how scared he was, so I bought us an American lunch. It was my first pizza in a month! It’s even from Pizza Inn. It definitely didn’t taste as good as it does at home, but any pizza is delicious after a month without it.


That is Pato with Victor in the photo. Pato has had pizza before because he is almost always with the white people in Nairobi, and at some point those white people usually want pizza. He says we can eat a lot of it. It’s true. I am unashamed to say I ate more than either of the guys. They thought it was good but very heavy on the stomach and were still not hungry at dinner last night. They said if they ate like that every day they would be very fat. I said welcome to America.

I have two more weeks of adventures to go!

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  1. Rebekah, I am so proud of you. I enjoy reading every word of your adventure and the profound insights that you gain along the way. Good luck and have fun.

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